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We have been performing Disc Jockey Service to the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas for the past 23 years. We are an all request Disc Jockey service. We have thousands of selections to choose from, and many genre's of music spanning the past 65 years.
There is always a DJ request book available at our events. Feel free to come up and browse through the book. Choose a song and the Disc Jockey will be glad to play it.
We have our complete song list's available on our website. At our events, you can browse our song selections from the convenience of where you're sitting. All you need is an iPhone or similar device. Just visit our website, select a song and tell the Disc Jockey your selection.
If you're having an Anniversary event, we can select songs from that exact year if you wish. All of the songs on our system are categorized by Artist, Title, Genre, Year, Album, Track & Length.
We pride ourselves in being able to fit into any type of crowd and situation. We also like to "read our crowd" and see what songs their enjoying, and then play the appropriate selections.
Whether it's Golden Oldies or today's Top 40, we'll surely have the music you'll enjoy! So call today and reserve a Disc Jockey for your event !



We have been performing Karaoke events since Karaoke first arrived on the scene in America . We started out doing Karaoke shows back in the days when Karaoke was only available on cassette tapes. We had to rewind and forward the tapes just to cue the songs. The lyrics were read off a little folded up pamphlet. We only had limited selection available those days, so shortly thereafter when Karaoke was released on Laser Disc, we took our show on the road to the local clubs ! Twenty three years later, and we're still performing Karaoke shows. We have over 1,500 original CD+G Karaoke discs with over 10,000 selections to choose from. We've always used the finest in mobile DJ equipment and still do today. Our microphones are the same microphones that you see today's popular artists using on television. We also use only the top of the line for vocal processing equipment, speakers etc. Karaoke is always offered as a free service to accommodate your Wedding or DJ events. With today's technology, there is no need to look through books or fill out request slips to sing. Just browse our song list on our website with your iPhone or similar device, select a song and tell the DJ your selection and your name. It's as simple as that. So come on up, grab a microphone and the DJ will tune you in to sound your best.