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DJ Gary


As founder, DJ Gary has hosted over 3,600 of the events performed by Night Flight Music. Gary likes to fit himself into any type of crowd, and he's hosted virtually every kind of Disc Jockey event imaginable. Gary is an "All Request" DJ, so feel free to ask for a song. Request DJ Gary for any type of event, and he'll be more than happy to provide your Disc Jockey entertainment.

DJ Dawn


As co-founder, DJ Dawn has been with us since the very beginning. Born and raised in London, England, her superior phone skills and event booking talents, have helped us grow to the successful DJ business it is today. Be sure to request DJ Dawn to DJ your Teen Dances, Campground Parties, Karaoke Shows, Birthday Parties or any of the special Themed Disc Jockey Events listed on our website.

DJ Joel


DJ Joel has been a Disc Jockey with us for 15 years. He's an excellent Karaoke host as well and a great singer. A man of many hats, he's a local Pro Wrestler (aka Everett Briggs), a Bouncer, a Biker and a Disc Jockey that's sure to entertain you. Ask for DJ Joel for Club Events, Karaoke Shows, Campgrounds, Skating Rinks & Private Parties.

DJ Austin


DJ Austin is our Golden Oldies Disc Jockey specialist. He has a vast knowledge of music spanning the past 75 years. Born in London, England and raised in both the UK & US, he's a very respectable and polite young man. A recent graduate from New Bedford Voke (2016), he now has a degree in Stationary Engineering. Be sure to request DJ Austin to Disc Jockey Antique Car Shows, Oldies Events, Skating Rinks, Outdoor Parties and Teen Dances.

DJ Mike


DJ Mike has been an affiliate Disc Jockey with us for 10 years. He's the nephew of a former professional New Bedford Disc Jockey, assuming his Uncle's business upon his passing. Mike's a really nice guy and a very dependable Disc Jockey. He loves to travel and has travelled as far as Vermont to DJ events. Request DJ Mike to Disc Jockey your Weddings, Corporate Events & Private Parties.